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Stanwood Youth

Purpose For
Stanwood Youth Ministry

1 / Spreading the Gospel

Stanwood’s Youth ministry is devoted to proclaiming the truth of Scripture and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ to all. The Gospel is the heart of everything we do and teach so that teens can more deeply experience the grace of God and convey that to others.

2 / Growing in Christ

In all that we do, we aim to grow in our knowledge of God's grace in Jesus, and learn more about His Word so that we can apply these things in our daily lives. We know that all of Scripture is inspired and useful for teaching and training us to be more like Christ; therefore, biblical teaching is a central aspect to our ministry.

3 / Strengthening Community

We do not walk alone, but God has given us each other to build one another up, and share our burdens. Our prayer is that through genuine community, we can be vulnerable with another and grow in our relationship with Christ. Through community, God helps us to grow and experience His love. It is crucial that teens can have a place where they can be themselves and be surrounded by people who care for them while also being encouraged to grow in righteousness.

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